One person’s trash is another’s treasure

This week, I have been recycling and decorating boxes for the home.  Trying little small things to save the planet. Well, it’s a start!

Firstly, I have been sanding down and painting some shelves.  Ordered a new colour from K-Rauta and painted them.  They look fab and good as new.

 photo 1 photo 2

Next, I’ve been bin raiding with my friend Marko – we’ve been getting old electronic waste and using the parts to create storage and things we need in the studio for spares and repair.


Also – earlier he managed to get some toolboxes in perfect condition!

photo 3

Then, I fixed my girlfriends laptop with some basic Glue – it took 5 minutes and now works like new. The mouse clicks again woo!!

photo 4

If you want to find a bin to raid in Helsinki, then try the  Facebook group.  Share a bin if you see or have one – save the planet!