About Nick Power

Hi, I’m Nick Power! Yes it’s my real birth name, not a stage name!

Beginning my programming and internet career at just 11 years old, when my father brought home an unwanted Amstrad computer. I started out writing command line procedures and games in BASIC before moving onto Visual Basic and the Web. Since then, I’ve been hooked on computing and when I discovered the internet, I was a ‘junky’ and I’ve been modulating and de-modulating since the earlier days.

Whizzing to the present, I’ve developed my skills to become a versatile and seasoned Search Engine Optimiser and Marketing / Web Development Professional. Providing technical and strategy on a global and local level to markets around the globe.

Throughout my career, I’ve been involved in all areas of web design, development and implementation, SEO/M and IT management.

My colleagues would describe me as an enthusiastic individual, with an aptitude for learning new ideas and concepts quickly, who enjoys being a key member of productive teams to deliver full business objectives, who thrives in innovative and creative working environments.

Working in the web is a prime passion for me, I have Strong technology experience for example with the LAMP stack and developing Front-End since IE5. PHP4/5, HTML4/5, CSS, Javascript, Java and .NET c#.

Being goal driven both in my personal and professional life, I am dedicated to securing great achievements in whatever I do, with a strong commitment to getting things done and working with talented people. My work passion is being a key member of a leading company where the focus is on creating innovative IT solutions to drive client satisfaction and consumer engagement.

Briefly in Finnish:

Minä olen Nick Power! Tervetuloa minun blogiin!

Minä olen englantilainen mies, ja olen asunut Lontoossa ja Kentissä. Opiskelen suomen kieltä noin 2,5 vuotta osa aikainen luokassa. Minä puhun ja kirjoitan hyvä suomea sitten kokeilemaan puhumaan suomeksi!

Minä olen ollut töissä Suomessa yli kolme vuotta.  Minä olin ollut töissä Nokiassa ja Microsoftissa.

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