This is my favourite Musicman Stingray 4 Steath HH
This is my beloved Musicman Stingray 4 Steath HH

Before moving to Finland, I had a couple of serious bass rigs but after selling those I still have my much loved Musicman Stingray basses.  A black/maple 2EQ Stringray 4 – A beatifully simple bass.  It’s sister from another mother is the Stingray Stealth HH 3 EQ 5 way selector and ebony fretboard – this is a bad sister infact.

Not forgetting my Orgasmic pedalboard which has taken me many hours of research and time to construct.  The sounds it produces are pretty intense and without careful attention can often sound like static… Seriously, it’s a sophistiated piece of equipment and witnesses have often described the sound as being a direct cause for changing the shape of the room.  It’s desired output effect is to have unique retro inspring tones – whatever that means but you should check it out at my band’s gig.

Inspired by Muse, built by me. I have spent a lot of time and money creating this monster.  Various mods since this picture was taken
Inspired by Muse, built by me. I have spent a lot of time and money creating this monster.

The Musicman stealth bass and the pedalboard is like pure bass tonage heaven for me and for many others (I hope). The signalling chain is made up of 4 layers which run parallel, all controlled by my custom built pedal. The large black one situated in the bottom left.

Most recently, I have got stuck into composing again and resumed writing my own music.

I’ve blown the dust and cobwebs off some old equipment but I’ve also had to get used to the new digital gear now! It’s truly amazing how easy things have become now when it comes to producing.

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