Web Design

I’m a quirky web designer and front-end developer, sometimes I like to go from the norm and really drill down the look and feel a client is after and what their customers really wants to see – anyway, here’s some example sites that I’ve made in the past during freelancing – enjoy!

Where Memories Meet – Tea Room in Kent


All creative artwork by Nick Power, website built using WordPress and includes custom theme development. HTML, CSS coded from self created Photoshop templates.

Tea room in kent
Where Memories Meet, Tea room in kent.

Friends of the Wateringbury Church (FOWC)


All creative artwork by Nick Power, website created using WordPress and includes some custom functionality so the FOWC can update the Funds indicator themself and adjust the cloud animation.

Friends of the Wateringbury Church
Friends of the Wateringbury Church in Kent

Academy of Rock


Team and Organisation Development with music, this was a very fun and rewarding project for me to involved with.  Peter Cook (Head Dean) is a direct and delight to work with on this project and felt priviliged that he asked me to lead the design and website work for the Academy of Rock!
Academy of Rock

Human Dynamics


Human Dynamics is a business and management consultancy, training and coaching company, offering strategy, creativity, innovation and change management for profitable and sustainable results.  In 2007, Peter cook ask Nick Power to lead the design of a fresh looking website which would boast his professional attitude towards management consultancy and meet his requirements.

Human Dynamics

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